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3 Tips for Developing a Global-Friendly Website

May 8, 2012

The best part of the internet is that is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. However, Many Indian website designers forget that just because the web allows individuals and businesses to reach out to the rest of the world doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is always able to understand the message presented by the individual or business. When designing and developing websites, it’s easy to forget the internet’s global scope.

We’ve compiled some tips for making your website globally friendly.

1. Reduce the Use of Text in Images: The web is becoming a more accessible place on a global level, in large part because of machine translation systems like Google Translate. These systems are getting better at making it easier for users to translate websites written in other languages. However, machine translations don’t work on graphical images.

That means that if you frequently use static images for headings, aspects of a logo or for call-out information, you can be cutting off some of your audience.

2. Allow Your Text to Grow: Most modern websites that use dynamically generated content will flow correctly when converted to another language, but certain elements may have display problems, and it is important to test your site using a machine translation service to get an idea of how elements are displayed.

3. Make Your Shopping Cart Internationally Friendly: If you sell something on your website and offer international shipping, be sure to offer a way for users to convert payment into their own currency. There are a number of different API tools for completing exchange rate and currency conversions on your site, without the need for a lot of hassle.

While designing a website it is also important to keep in mind cultural aspects of different communities around the world. Focus on expected and targeted audience while designing a website globally.

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